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5-12  Competition


sponsored by 

Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative




 May 9, 2019 from 9am-2pm




 Booneville High School 





Dr Curtis Varnell:  ►  Amber Cobb:

April 4, 2019 NEW UPDATES: 

Overall FYI:

  • We are counting on school districts to police the products that kids bring. Please check student entries to ensure that each one is within the guidelines listed on the competition descriptions. If a description does not mention a specific design a student plans to enter, it is probably ok. Some of the rules are vague intentionally so that it leaves room for student creativity.  People powered car, egg buggy, LEGO Mindstorm, and catapult (did I leave one out?!) are the areas that students are expected to bring a pre-built entry. This year, we will provide a "check-in" time for entries. At this time, students can check their entry prior to competing. If something is off, they will have time to make adjustments if necessary. A station for corrections will not be provided, so it is up to students/individual schools to have materials. If an entry is submitted for competition (after the check in) they may still test their design (their data will be recorded), but it will not be awarded a medal. 
  • We still need judge volunteers. Based on previous feedback, we try to present an even representation of judges in each event so that no one school is judging all events. If we do not have attending schools who volunteer to judge, judges will be selected from the host school to fill in slots. As the saying goes, speak now or forever hold your peace. 
  • Our event has grown and the number of spectators has grown as well. This can be a stressful situation for judges and those competitors. It is hard to coral kids who are competing and those who are waiting. We will have "caution" tape set up as a boundary. Please remind parents to stay within the designated area. 
  • No spectators will be allowed in the Marble run, stem challenge, and Sphero rooms. 
  • Please be mindful of competition areas that require students to bring a pre-made design (egg buggy, catapult, robot, people powered car) and those that require an on-site build (marble run, stem challenge, sphero). 


Individual Competition Areas Clarifications:


People Powered Car: Please remind your students and parents that no pre-made vehicles (like shopping carts, go carts, lawn mowers, strollers) should be entered. Please also remind them of the measurement requirements.


Marble Run: This is an onsite build. One tube of insulation will be cut in half to make two pieces NOT two tubes. There is no limit to the number of teams registered for this event per school. Teams are 3-4.


Robot Programming/Robot SUMO: If your district owns more than one LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robot, you may register more than one team if you bring your own Ipad and robot. In the past, we limited number of teams because we loaned out devices and there wasn't enough to go around. Bring robots pre-assembled to the competition.


STEM Challenge: We are still writing up this area. We will send out a concentration descsription as soon as it is ready.


Sphero Chariot: The coop only has a limited number of spheros. If your district owns it's own sphero, you may register as many teams as you have spheros and ipads. If you bring your own sphero, you must also bring an ipad. Teams of 2-4, but I think 4 might be too many for this area.


Ozobot Experience: Last year we did Ozobots, our presenter has suggested that instead of presenting on Ozobots we mix it up and do Code and Go this year. It is a great introduction to coding and alogrithms. Here is a link with more information. I need your input. If you for sure want the Ozobots, let me know asap. We will move forward using the Code and Go if few or no "nays" are given. Your district will receive one free device for each group of 3 you bring (I think a group of 4 might be too large?). You may register more than one group, but you will be charged an additional $50. We can open this up to any group in grades 4-6. Please know if they register for this, they may not register for a competition area.




REGISTRATION (Due May 2, 2019) 





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Competition Guidelines


Competition Day Reminders